Technology Transportation Mutual Risk Retention Group

TTM RRG knows your business is ever changing with the current supply chain management demand constraints. Our sole focus is on the “Last Mile Industry”.  We know the coverages you need to deliver you and your client’s peace of mind.

Security & Stability

We are backed by A- Rated carriers, who have been a part of the transportation industry for 20+ years. Our leadership and underwriters have combined experience of over 100+ years.


From start to finish you will know that your needs and your clients’ needs have been assessed and handled by leading industry experts.

Eligible Risks

Last Mile Logistics – We define this class as the last leg of the journey from a distribution center or facility to the end user.

TTM RRG Coverage

Stay on top of the constantly changing commercial auto industry with TTM RRG’s flexible product offerings, services, and industry expertise

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